Y11 Internship Program 2017

Internship Logo

This year we are piloting the YCIS Internship Program.  The Y11 students have the opportunity to engage with their first work experience after completing their IGCSE exams.  YCIS has partnered with businesses in Beijing to provide students with an opportunity to spend 2 weeks on the job.





In previous years, after the students complete their final IGCSE exams, there is nothing planned for them anymore, similar to the structure of the IBDP program.  What we thought was missing was job experience for these students to help them develop soft skills and also field specific skills.

Starting the Program – Difficulties

Piloting the program was a difficult process.  Here were some of the items that needed to be created prior to the program start.

  • Logo
  • Introductory letter
  • Time frame planning
  • Surveying the students for their interest areas
  • Supervisor role development
  • Application form development
  • Evaluation form development

Finally, with these documents the companies could be contacted.

  • Reached out to 30 or more companies
  • Collected responses via email, phone and at times in-person meetings


The companies taking on the students include The Hilton Hotel, Raffles Medical, Trader’s Hotel, The Bookworm Beijing, Plastered 8 T-shirts, Soovii, Split United, Beijing Kids Magazine, YCIS ECE Programme, Temple Restaurant Beijing, Taj Beijing, US-China Comedy Center.

All the best to the students,

Lianne Yu



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