Y11 Internship Program – Career Talk

Support and Launch of the Internship Program










As a launch of the Y11 Internship Program, I have invited the companies to hold a career talk with the Y11 students.  The students went through a rotational system through our 9 guests.  The students had an opportunity to ask the company about educational paths to get where they are now, any challenges they’ve encountered and finally what an internship with the company would look like.

The students left with having talked with atleast 5 company representatives and are preparing their applications for the specific posts they are interested in.  The companies have pre-agreed with the number of spots they can take and the time frame (some variations).

The students thought that this was a valuable experience in their feedback and many of them remembered key information that was presented by the various companies.


The career talk was a very successful event.  The companies responded positively by email and some companies that were previously not interested in taking interns have changed their minds.  Perhaps the rotations could have been spaced out more so that there was more of a break for the companies.  Some of the representatives were so popular that they spoke for almost 1 hour and 15 minutes straight.

Holding this talk in the library was also a great idea in that the library is a nice space that is under utilized in the school.



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