Performance Review Ratings

Self Evaluation 2016-2017

– evidenced by sample class activities and student area of website

– evidenced by results report on website – meeting diverse needs is difficult – more training needed – Music curriculum is adaptive for students of different cultures and strengths in being able to choose the pieces, instruments and compositions that they would like to be involved in. – P and Os are taught but not explicitly as the P and Os in class – difficult to be adaptive this year, very busy year. – in IGCSE, a lot of conversations are had either over Managebac, PT interviews, phone conversations, but in Music, performances speak louder, but regular updates on student performances is not done as well. – this year perhaps I was too ambitious with my goals, and therefore often I felt stressed. I believe I am quite efficient, but perhaps did not consider the load that I could carry. – I have a strong sense of responsibility to the students and to the staff, I am able to make decisions well for the IGCSE program especially. – I believe I am a reliable member of staff, always striving for the student’s well-being and adapting to their needs in IGCSE


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