Y10-11 IGCSE Music Formative Assessment

Flash Card Activities are very useful in the music class.

In this activity, each student is given a set of musical flash cards/paper. Sometimes they are musical intervals, chords, cadences. There are many ways of using these cards to help give the students practice this aural awareness and ear training. Basically the students will hear an interval/chord/cadence played (by the teacher or by each student) and all the other students need to raise up the appropriate card. The person who played the interval will then validate all the answers from the students. There are many other versions of this:


  • The students can take turns playing the intervals for the rest of the class to guess
  • Each student can raise up the interval that they want other students to play
  • The student can pick a starting note and have the other students build various intervals upon or below that note
  • This can also lead to drawing the intervals in notation on the white board based on the strips of paper that the students hold up.


  • The students can take turns playing chords for other classmates to guess
  • The students can take turns asking the class to build the chord of their choice upon different start notes
  • The students as a class can ‘build’ the chord of choice through singing various notes together
  • The students can use boomwhackers and together as a class build the chords of their choice (major/minor/dominant/diminished)

 Key Signatures

  • Due to poorer results on a recent key signature test, this was added to help students visualize the key signatures and become more familiar with them.
  • Again there are many variations to using these cards, but a student or the teacher can name one key and have the other students raise up the appropriate card with that key signature. Next the teacher or student can ask for both the major and minor key signatures of a certain note.

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