Y11 Internship Update

What is happening now?

To keep you updated about the progress of the Y11 Internship Program, all students have completed their interviews and most have agreed internships.   The students did a great job preparing courageously for these interviews.

The above students have agreed internships.


About 2 weeks ago one of the internship companies couldn’t take 3 of the students, and after some communication, it seemed like we needed to look elsewhere.

The students were disappointed and wanted to pursue more opportunities, they really saw this an a great experience.  If new companies couldn’t be found then these students would come into school to help me with the IGCSE exams for Y10 and also their enrichment projects.

After the Internships?

Appreciation Lunch Invitation

Following the internship, the business representatives are invited to an appreciation at YCIS filled with discussion, food and performances to come.








I am very pleased with most of the students having a placement and the companies have really made big efforts to accommodate our students.  The students really took the process seriously.  They were very thankful for this as evidenced by all of the attending the help sessions for resumes and interviews.

Next Year?

We want to start the process sooner, in terms of resume preparations and interview practice. Thus we will include a skills week session for the current Y10 students during their June enrichment to prepare their resumes.  Feedback from the teachers who will visit the students will be able to also direct the future steps in increasing and diversifying our business partners.

We also would like to expand the Science and Technology placements that we can offer.  The whole process was quite strenuous this year in setting up the program but great success has been had.

Students are also learning to be more responsible with their forms and their time management through this process in that they need to show up for their interviews at the right time in order to attain the job.


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