Y9-11 Learning Community Clarifications

As we embark on the new Y9-11 Learning Community we need to make sure all stakeholders are updated.


Here is a presentation about what is to come to give more details about the change in Y9-11 for YCIS Beijing next year.


IGCSE For Admin May 2017


The admin in the meeting were happy to have a clearer picture of what the changes entail and the benefits for the students.  More clarifications are still needed in terms of the naming of this program, in that it is more than just the IGCSE.  As a learning community having 3 years of time would also mean re-planning the years and how the syllabuses will be taught.

There would also be implications for University applications if the amount of time in IGCSE is expanded to 3.  Perhaps the answer is Pre-IGCSE naming, but students will still write finals in Y11.


Modifications to the plan have been abundant, with consultations with parents, teachers and students, and also with the placement of students in the plan.  These changes have allowed for all of the option choices to be offered, which is a very positive thing.  Overall, these changes should help all students have a more individualized program, which is the aim and objective.



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