Y9-11 Learning Community Structure Fall 2017 Onwards

A new structure for the IGCSE has begun at YCIS Beijing and there comes with it new opportunities and challenges.  The new structure will allow for Y9 students to start the Cambridge IGCSE studies to progress into Y11.


This will hopefully allow for students to have more breadth and depth in their IGCSE studies and allow for more individualized programming for students.

In the English stream more students will be able to attain the World Literature credit, in Science, hopefully students will be able to attain both the Coordinated Science credits as well as individual sciences.  In Math, more students will hopefully be able to attain the Additional Math credit.  All of these are extension courses that can be added on.  Option subjects will also be expanded so students can get more exposure before their IBDP choices. For students who need more time, the 3 years can be taken for even the mainstream core classes beyond extension, or internal study of the courses without the final IGCSE could also be allowed as usual.

Cambridge Timeline?

According to Cambridge, there is not specific time or age requirement for when students take their exams.  Preparation and expansion of the program will allow students with more time, or allow students to go deeper in more expanding to more difficult subjects.

Students, teachers and parents seem to be excited about this new change in their feedback.


Approaching this change is at times difficult to know what to expect.  The mixed Y9-10 classes will be a double cohort challenge, and the expansion really won’t target this group if they are in shared classes.  However, this is the best step to take to provide students with more opportunities, especially with a smaller cohort of Y10s coming in.


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