Professional Goals 2017-2018

Building theY9-11 Learning Community

With the switch to the curriculum offered for Year 9 students, the first large goal is to monitor and advise teachers during the shift, and to measure success in the development of the Y9-11 Learning Community.

Curricular Monitoring

– Staff feedback about the implementation of the IGCSE Curriculum

– Pre-CAS program for Y9-11 students


– Implement activities to bring the Y9-11 students and teachers together

a) weekly tutor time activities

b) monthly High School Hang Outs

c) weekly parent updates

d) coordinate performances featuring Y9-11 students

Service Project

Introduce a new service project initiative for the year-end enrichment project

a) partner with orphanages around Beijing

b) gain information from the Seeds of Hope school visit in the Philippines



Performance Review Ratings

Self Evaluation 2016-2017

– evidenced by sample class activities and student area of website

– evidenced by results report on website – meeting diverse needs is difficult – more training needed – Music curriculum is adaptive for students of different cultures and strengths in being able to choose the pieces, instruments and compositions that they would like to be involved in. – P and Os are taught but not explicitly as the P and Os in class – difficult to be adaptive this year, very busy year. – in IGCSE, a lot of conversations are had either over Managebac, PT interviews, phone conversations, but in Music, performances speak louder, but regular updates on student performances is not done as well. – this year perhaps I was too ambitious with my goals, and therefore often I felt stressed. I believe I am quite efficient, but perhaps did not consider the load that I could carry. – I have a strong sense of responsibility to the students and to the staff, I am able to make decisions well for the IGCSE program especially. – I believe I am a reliable member of staff, always striving for the student’s well-being and adapting to their needs in IGCSE

Conducting Masterclass with the Berlin Sinfonietta

In April 2016, I had the opportunity to learn from Prof. Colin Metters, the Professor of Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in London where he founded the Conductors’ Course in 1983.  We perfected our conducting technique, stance and expressive control while working with the Berlin Sinfonietta to finally put on a concert for the public.


L. v. Beethoven
Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus Overtüre, Op.43
Symphony No. 8 in F major op. 93

J. Brahms
Violin Concerto in D major op. 77
Symphony No. 3 in F major op. 93

The highlight of the show was the Brahms Violin Concerto, where we learned to balance where the control lies when working with a soloist and their own expression and tempo fluctuations.

It was an intense week of practicing, memorizing repertoire and learning how subtle movements are suffice.  This experience definitely helped to shape the conductor I am now and how to best lead students to play for you.





Here are photos of the studying process prior to the concert






Here is the workshop style masterclass setup working with pianists prior to the sinfonietta.The final concert was a big hit.

MYP Training for Heads of School Cat 2


Starting February 2017, I enrolled into an MYP (Middle Years Programme) online training for Delivery the MYP as a Coordinator.  Through this program I gained insight on how to best implement aspects of the MYP that would be applicable into our IGCSE Program.

As our school is moving towards more horizontal connections between subjects, and planning through UbD, the course was very timely.  Much of the course involved forums with other Heads of School to discuss difficulties and successes in the implementation of MYP processes.


We are also interested in implementing a community project type of project in the IGCSE internally to allow students better preparation towards the IBDP Extended Essay and CAS reflections.

Attached is the completion certificate

MYP Certicate

MEd in Curriculum Teaching and Learning

My pursue of graduate studies allowed me to delve into the world of Music Education in the international contexts.

Throughout many courses of study I’ve finally completed my thesis through action research conducted in Beijing about the International Baccalaureate Music program and the formation of authentic relationships.

IBDP Music Training Cat 3: Ethnomusicology

Completed in 2012, this workshop was one of the most useful workshops I’ve attended.  It’s focus was on African music and ethnomusicology.

During this workshop I’ve learned to teach inquiry with an African music focus.  We engaged in making music with traditional African instruments and performing authentic African pieces through rote.

Theory of Knowledge links were also investigated and the notion of musical terminology differences and applications across different cultures.