Christmas Concert 2016


Professional Goals 2017-2018

Building theY9-11 Learning Community

With the switch to the curriculum offered for Year 9 students, the first large goal is to monitor and advise teachers during the shift, and to measure success in the development of the Y9-11 Learning Community.

Curricular Monitoring

– Staff feedback about the implementation of the IGCSE Curriculum

– Pre-CAS program for Y9-11 students


– Implement activities to bring the Y9-11 students and teachers together

a) weekly tutor time activities

b) monthly High School Hang Outs

c) weekly parent updates

d) coordinate performances featuring Y9-11 students

Service Project

Introduce a new service project initiative for the year-end enrichment project

a) partner with orphanages around Beijing

b) gain information from the Seeds of Hope school visit in the Philippines