Internship Program Starts Now!

ALL of the Year 11s will have internships now between June 12-23rd.  They are all very excited and all of them have their evaluation forms ready for the companies.

The Y11 tutor teachers will also be paying the students a visit during the Internship period with prepared questions.

What is to come?

We hope that with the site visits the teachers will really be able to gauge our students’ participation, enjoyment, and learning experiences.  They will also be able to offer feedback for the companies who may not have taken interns before.


The scheduling of the site visits was difficult as the teachers have different teaching schedules throughout the week, and we hope that all of the addresses are easy to find as their time on the road will be limited.  Most of all, we hope the students safely complete this program and enthusiastically share their findings with the visiting teachers.


Y11 Internship Problem Solutions

Sometimes plans need to change while working with a large number of companies as timelines change.


A few changes needed to be made as the time of the internship approaches and companies realize what they can actually offer.

One company was unable to offer the 1 student a placement anymore due to a workshop occurring during the first week.

Another 2 companies had a change in leadership, but luckily the new leadership is still very excited about having our students as interns.

Finally, the 3 students who were turned down from one of the posts still have yet to have placements.

The Good News

We made new partners!

The Hutong – a cultural center in Beijing, whom we partner with for Experience Week trips was able to interview and take on one of the students.

Manna Source – an start up enterprise in Beijing, who came to the career talk, is now also able to take 2 of the students after an interview.

The China World Hotel – a prestigious hotel in Beijing is now able to take 1 student following an interview.


With the addition of these partners, now all of our Y11 students have placements.  In reflection, it seems we did everything we could and adapted to new changes when they arose.

Y11 Internship Update

What is happening now?

To keep you updated about the progress of the Y11 Internship Program, all students have completed their interviews and most have agreed internships.   The students did a great job preparing courageously for these interviews.

The above students have agreed internships.


About 2 weeks ago one of the internship companies couldn’t take 3 of the students, and after some communication, it seemed like we needed to look elsewhere.

The students were disappointed and wanted to pursue more opportunities, they really saw this an a great experience.  If new companies couldn’t be found then these students would come into school to help me with the IGCSE exams for Y10 and also their enrichment projects.

After the Internships?

Appreciation Lunch Invitation

Following the internship, the business representatives are invited to an appreciation at YCIS filled with discussion, food and performances to come.








I am very pleased with most of the students having a placement and the companies have really made big efforts to accommodate our students.  The students really took the process seriously.  They were very thankful for this as evidenced by all of the attending the help sessions for resumes and interviews.

Next Year?

We want to start the process sooner, in terms of resume preparations and interview practice. Thus we will include a skills week session for the current Y10 students during their June enrichment to prepare their resumes.  Feedback from the teachers who will visit the students will be able to also direct the future steps in increasing and diversifying our business partners.

We also would like to expand the Science and Technology placements that we can offer.  The whole process was quite strenuous this year in setting up the program but great success has been had.

Students are also learning to be more responsible with their forms and their time management through this process in that they need to show up for their interviews at the right time in order to attain the job.

Y11 Internship Program – Career Talk

Support and Launch of the Internship Program










As a launch of the Y11 Internship Program, I have invited the companies to hold a career talk with the Y11 students.  The students went through a rotational system through our 9 guests.  The students had an opportunity to ask the company about educational paths to get where they are now, any challenges they’ve encountered and finally what an internship with the company would look like.

The students left with having talked with atleast 5 company representatives and are preparing their applications for the specific posts they are interested in.  The companies have pre-agreed with the number of spots they can take and the time frame (some variations).

The students thought that this was a valuable experience in their feedback and many of them remembered key information that was presented by the various companies.


The career talk was a very successful event.  The companies responded positively by email and some companies that were previously not interested in taking interns have changed their minds.  Perhaps the rotations could have been spaced out more so that there was more of a break for the companies.  Some of the representatives were so popular that they spoke for almost 1 hour and 15 minutes straight.

Holding this talk in the library was also a great idea in that the library is a nice space that is under utilized in the school.


Y11 Internship Program 2017

Internship Logo

This year we are piloting the YCIS Internship Program.  The Y11 students have the opportunity to engage with their first work experience after completing their IGCSE exams.  YCIS has partnered with businesses in Beijing to provide students with an opportunity to spend 2 weeks on the job.





In previous years, after the students complete their final IGCSE exams, there is nothing planned for them anymore, similar to the structure of the IBDP program.  What we thought was missing was job experience for these students to help them develop soft skills and also field specific skills.

Starting the Program – Difficulties

Piloting the program was a difficult process.  Here were some of the items that needed to be created prior to the program start.

  • Logo
  • Introductory letter
  • Time frame planning
  • Surveying the students for their interest areas
  • Supervisor role development
  • Application form development
  • Evaluation form development

Finally, with these documents the companies could be contacted.

  • Reached out to 30 or more companies
  • Collected responses via email, phone and at times in-person meetings


The companies taking on the students include The Hilton Hotel, Raffles Medical, Trader’s Hotel, The Bookworm Beijing, Plastered 8 T-shirts, Soovii, Split United, Beijing Kids Magazine, YCIS ECE Programme, Temple Restaurant Beijing, Taj Beijing, US-China Comedy Center.

All the best to the students,

Lianne Yu