Y11 Internship Update

What is happening now?

To keep you updated about the progress of the Y11 Internship Program, all students have completed their interviews and most have agreed internships.   The students did a great job preparing courageously for these interviews.

The above students have agreed internships.


About 2 weeks ago one of the internship companies couldn’t take 3 of the students, and after some communication, it seemed like we needed to look elsewhere.

The students were disappointed and wanted to pursue more opportunities, they really saw this an a great experience.  If new companies couldn’t be found then these students would come into school to help me with the IGCSE exams for Y10 and also their enrichment projects.

After the Internships?

Appreciation Lunch Invitation

Following the internship, the business representatives are invited to an appreciation at YCIS filled with discussion, food and performances to come.








I am very pleased with most of the students having a placement and the companies have really made big efforts to accommodate our students.  The students really took the process seriously.  They were very thankful for this as evidenced by all of the attending the help sessions for resumes and interviews.

Next Year?

We want to start the process sooner, in terms of resume preparations and interview practice. Thus we will include a skills week session for the current Y10 students during their June enrichment to prepare their resumes.  Feedback from the teachers who will visit the students will be able to also direct the future steps in increasing and diversifying our business partners.

We also would like to expand the Science and Technology placements that we can offer.  The whole process was quite strenuous this year in setting up the program but great success has been had.

Students are also learning to be more responsible with their forms and their time management through this process in that they need to show up for their interviews at the right time in order to attain the job.


Y11 Potluck 2017

As a well wish for the Y11 students as they embark on their exam leave before they start their Cambridge IGCSE exams, it is a tradition that we hold a potluck celebration for them.

Students each bring 1 dish to share with their classmates and also their teachers.

Before we eat the students each say a big thank you to their teachers for their help throughout the past 2 years.

Good luck students.

Y9-11 Learning Community Clarifications

As we embark on the new Y9-11 Learning Community we need to make sure all stakeholders are updated.


Here is a presentation about what is to come to give more details about the change in Y9-11 for YCIS Beijing next year.


IGCSE For Admin May 2017


The admin in the meeting were happy to have a clearer picture of what the changes entail and the benefits for the students.  More clarifications are still needed in terms of the naming of this program, in that it is more than just the IGCSE.  As a learning community having 3 years of time would also mean re-planning the years and how the syllabuses will be taught.

There would also be implications for University applications if the amount of time in IGCSE is expanded to 3.  Perhaps the answer is Pre-IGCSE naming, but students will still write finals in Y11.


Modifications to the plan have been abundant, with consultations with parents, teachers and students, and also with the placement of students in the plan.  These changes have allowed for all of the option choices to be offered, which is a very positive thing.  Overall, these changes should help all students have a more individualized program, which is the aim and objective.


Y9-11 Learning Community Structure Fall 2017 Onwards

A new structure for the IGCSE has begun at YCIS Beijing and there comes with it new opportunities and challenges.  The new structure will allow for Y9 students to start the Cambridge IGCSE studies to progress into Y11.


This will hopefully allow for students to have more breadth and depth in their IGCSE studies and allow for more individualized programming for students.

In the English stream more students will be able to attain the World Literature credit, in Science, hopefully students will be able to attain both the Coordinated Science credits as well as individual sciences.  In Math, more students will hopefully be able to attain the Additional Math credit.  All of these are extension courses that can be added on.  Option subjects will also be expanded so students can get more exposure before their IBDP choices. For students who need more time, the 3 years can be taken for even the mainstream core classes beyond extension, or internal study of the courses without the final IGCSE could also be allowed as usual.

Cambridge Timeline?

According to Cambridge, there is not specific time or age requirement for when students take their exams.  Preparation and expansion of the program will allow students with more time, or allow students to go deeper in more expanding to more difficult subjects.

Students, teachers and parents seem to be excited about this new change in their feedback.


Approaching this change is at times difficult to know what to expect.  The mixed Y9-10 classes will be a double cohort challenge, and the expansion really won’t target this group if they are in shared classes.  However, this is the best step to take to provide students with more opportunities, especially with a smaller cohort of Y10s coming in.

Y10 IGCSE Romantic Music Brainstorming

We did a brainstorming activity as a review for their listening test. Students would list everything they know about Romantic Music. Their answers ranged dynamics, composers, different musical forms etc. However, when we placed all the headings on the white board, it was a complete picture and the students bounced their ideas off each other to complete this ‘picture’. Next students heard 2 ‘unknown pieces’ from this era, and had to circle all the elements or observations on the board that would be relevent to the pieces that they heard. It was nice to see students applying their own brainstorm to the pieces of music that they hear to conclude that it is Romantic Music.

Y12 IBDP Setting Up for Their Musical Links Investigation

This past few week were very interesting because actually the new idea came from discussion with the students!

Since we are doing the same in-depth analysis now for each piece we get, we had the students pick their favorite piece from different genres to analyse. Each student will bring in their audio along with their analysis (DRPITTS), and context for the class. They will present these findings to the class and write notes on the board. Next! We will find musical links between the pieces that they have chosen and presented to the class. This way they are revising their analysis, but also hopefully motivated to do it as well

Students did great in their presentations and they are now setting up for their summer writing tasks.

Y11 IGCSE Music – Structural Analysis

Students here are beginning to understand how to do structural analysis of pieces, and so to practice this, I gave students blocks of paper with A, A, A, A, B, B, B, B C, C, C, C, D, D, D, D, E, E, E, E, Transition, Transition, on them. As a class they would listen to the piece of music (without the score initially — it was Schumann’s character piece: Fantasiestuke no 2), and arrange the blocks in the right order (working on the carpet) as they listen. After they agreed on the order, Each student was assigned to 2 blocks. During the 2nd listen, they would now write the musical elements that they hear in these sections of the pieces and would write them down in the blocks. Now they are given the musical score and must identify these blocks/structural sections on the score, making notes of the musical elements that they have already written on the blocks. Great way for students to transfer what they hear, what they agree on as a class, to how it physically looks in score form.