Internship Program Starts Now!

ALL of the Year 11s will have internships now between June 12-23rd.  They are all very excited and all of them have their evaluation forms ready for the companies.

The Y11 tutor teachers will also be paying the students a visit during the Internship period with prepared questions.

What is to come?

We hope that with the site visits the teachers will really be able to gauge our students’ participation, enjoyment, and learning experiences.  They will also be able to offer feedback for the companies who may not have taken interns before.


The scheduling of the site visits was difficult as the teachers have different teaching schedules throughout the week, and we hope that all of the addresses are easy to find as their time on the road will be limited.  Most of all, we hope the students safely complete this program and enthusiastically share their findings with the visiting teachers.


Y11 Internship Problem Solutions

Sometimes plans need to change while working with a large number of companies as timelines change.


A few changes needed to be made as the time of the internship approaches and companies realize what they can actually offer.

One company was unable to offer the 1 student a placement anymore due to a workshop occurring during the first week.

Another 2 companies had a change in leadership, but luckily the new leadership is still very excited about having our students as interns.

Finally, the 3 students who were turned down from one of the posts still have yet to have placements.

The Good News

We made new partners!

The Hutong – a cultural center in Beijing, whom we partner with for Experience Week trips was able to interview and take on one of the students.

Manna Source – an start up enterprise in Beijing, who came to the career talk, is now also able to take 2 of the students after an interview.

The China World Hotel – a prestigious hotel in Beijing is now able to take 1 student following an interview.


With the addition of these partners, now all of our Y11 students have placements.  In reflection, it seems we did everything we could and adapted to new changes when they arose.

Y13 Graduation 2017

Year 13 graduation is always a bitter sweet event to see the students finish one milestone of life before embarking on new journeys.

Here are some of the students who helped with decorations.

Finally, the graduation of a helpful member of the Performance Arts department, Rock Siu, and whose sister was a top scoring Music student alumnus of YCIS Beijing.

Y10 Jianzi Competition

To encourage exercise and friendly competition, and also to encourage participation in a cultural Chinese exercise, the Y10 students had a Jianzi competition to see which tutor group could keep this little ‘hacky-sac’ like item up in the air.

Congrats to Y10B for taking home the award!

Performance Review Ratings

Self Evaluation 2016-2017

– evidenced by sample class activities and student area of website

– evidenced by results report on website – meeting diverse needs is difficult – more training needed – Music curriculum is adaptive for students of different cultures and strengths in being able to choose the pieces, instruments and compositions that they would like to be involved in. – P and Os are taught but not explicitly as the P and Os in class – difficult to be adaptive this year, very busy year. – in IGCSE, a lot of conversations are had either over Managebac, PT interviews, phone conversations, but in Music, performances speak louder, but regular updates on student performances is not done as well. – this year perhaps I was too ambitious with my goals, and therefore often I felt stressed. I believe I am quite efficient, but perhaps did not consider the load that I could carry. – I have a strong sense of responsibility to the students and to the staff, I am able to make decisions well for the IGCSE program especially. – I believe I am a reliable member of staff, always striving for the student’s well-being and adapting to their needs in IGCSE